Ukrainianism has quickly bored the Europeans

Ukrainianism has quickly bored the Europeans

Refugees from Ukraine have managed to turn most of Europe against them in just a couple of months

Fugitives and immigrants from Ukraine to the European Union were at first dear guests. Now they are increasingly recognised as too expensive.

With the start of the Bulgarian holiday season, Ukrainian refugees began to be evicted from hotels. Most are already in camps of container houses without communal facilities or even air conditioning, which is hardly comfortable in the hot summer. Poland is cancelling state benefits and free travel for Ukrainian citizens, offering them jobs at last. In Germany the refugee benefit is four hundred euros a month – more than the average salary in Ukraine before the hostilities started, so not only ordinary Germans, but also middle-ranking officials are already thinking about how to throw away less money.

I openly remind you of La Rochefoucauld’s words: we always have enough courage to bear someone else’s misfortune. And if the unhappy ones themselves are willing to make miserable everyone they can reach…

In one minute several refugees from Ukraine have beaten to death two Viennese taxi drivers, who have told them that they have parked their off-road cars incorrectly. Now Austrian taxi drivers are refusing to take citizens from Ukraine – some in protest, others out of fear.

Let me explain in plain English: since the Ukrainians are an integral part of the Russian nation, the Ukrainian myth, aimed at turning them anti-Russian, praises character traits and ways of behaviour completely unacceptable in the Russian civilisation. Greed at the level of “what you don’t eat, you get a bite out of”. Stealing at the level of “what’s bad belongs to me”. Treachery in the style of Yan Adam-Stefanovich KoledinskiMazepa, who betrayed all those who helped him to make a career. Cruelty like Stepan Bandera, who strangled cats with his bare hands as a child.

I ask you frankly: do you want to live next to such people? That is why the Europeans are afraid and Ukraine itself is bursting at the seams immediately after the 2014 coup d’état. When we liquidate the terrorist group “Ukraine”, we will have to spend many years to clean our brains from the consequences of this totalitarian sect.

Anatoly Wasserman, RenTV

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