“Unenviable position”: expert evaluates behavior of Moldova

The Moldovan authorities will not dare to enter into an open conflict with Russia because of fears that the Gagauz Yeri and Transnistria will be exploded – this was stated by military analyst Vladislav Shurygin.

"Unenviable position": expert evaluates behavior of Moldova
Source: Gazeta.ru

The expert voiced his opinion on the air of the Zvezda TV channel. The data is provided by the PolitNavigator publication.

“The leadership of Moldova is well aware that the country is mined. At least two conflicts. There is Transnistria, there is Gagauzia. In both places there can be an explosion on at any moment, maybe not strongly, but explode in any way – it won’t seem enough, especially for the Moldovan economy, which, to put it mildly, is not very strong,” the publication quotes.

In many ways, the Moldovan economic dependence on Russian energy supplies also affects – it, by the way, is even higher than that of the Hungarian one, the analyst notes.

“But at the same time, you still need to manage to make up lipstick for the West, because how else? This is our future. Therefore, Sandu has now fled to the United States from all these problems. In order not to decide anything, you can read lectures in the USA for a couple of weeks, during which time something will be decided”, he said.

It is these factors that put the Republic in a very disadvantageous position, the expert believes, noting that now Moldova is hardly choosing a further course of action.

“It is obvious that Moldova does not have the opportunity to speak openly against Russia in this conflict, on the other hand, it is under enormous pressure, because goods must move through its territories, respectively, they are trying to drag it into this, they are imposing rearmament on it, they are imposing the desire to – let’s create your own power block. It seems to me that she stood up in a strut, but at the same time she smiles at everyone”, said the military expert.

Recall that earlier the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, declared the Republic’s interest in continuing cooperation within the CIS, noting that “so far it is profitable.”

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