Russian Foreign Ministry declares Russia’s readiness to supply grain to all countries in need

Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokeswoman Maria Zakharova calls on the West to lift sanctions against Russia in order to fight world hunger

Russian Foreign Ministry declares Russia's readiness to supply grain to all countries in need
Source: IA Regnum

At a briefing by the department, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that in order to effectively combat world hunger and solve food security problems, it is necessary to lift Western sanctions against Russia. Moscow, in turn, is fully prepared to provide grain to all countries in need.

“Russia is ready to supply its grain to all countries in need, but it is the West that, for the sake of its political and commercial interests, has imposed restrictions on the entry of foreign ships into Russian ports, and has also created insurmountable barriers in the field of insurance and banking transactions. If the US and the EU really want to solve the problem of world hunger, they must cancel the corresponding restrictions, this is obvious”, the diplomat urged according to the report.

Earlier it was reported that Pope Francis issued an appeal not to oppose the export of wheat from Ukraine. He believes that the lifting of sanctions on the export of food raw materials will prevent the use of these measures as an economic weapon for political purposes.

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