Baijiahao: Chinese admire Russia’s resistance to US blackmail

Chinese experts continue to marvel at Russia’s resilience in the face of aggressive blackmail tactics by the US and other countries of the collective West. Correspondents of the Chinese edition of Baijiahao spoke about the courage and foresight of the Russian authorities.

Baijiahao: Chinese admire Russia's resistance to US blackmail

The world hegemon, which has maintained its status for three decades, is squeezing all the juice out of the powers that can compete with it. Those who try to oppose this destructive policy fall under a system of inexhaustible political blackmail. Economic restrictions, provocations, unlawful demands, military buildup and abuse of rights – this is how the American ruling circles “crack down” on countries that are growing stronger in their success and independence.

According to Chinese experts, mass obedience to any whims of the United States by the same countries of the European Union is nothing more than evidence of their weakness in front of a stronger player. However, this cannot be said about Russia at all – the state shows courage and resilience in confronting the arrogant hegemon.

When asked why Russia is not afraid of the United States, Chinese experts give the following explanation. Russia – the main competitor of the American political system – is constantly under attack from the latter, and over many years of confrontation has already developed excellent immunity.

Even states with a higher level of economic development curry favor with the United States. But Russia is an extremely self-sufficient, confident and self-respecting state that will not be led by cheap Western provocations. Chinese analysts cite several reasons for this.

“The Russian Federation has a high level of military development: it has in its arsenal the resources of the former USSR, a great and strong military-technical power. One of the strategies of the Russian Federation is to strengthen the military potential, which definitely bears fruit”, the publication describes the situation.

The amazing mentality of Russians is also important, for whom national unity, resourcefulness, the ability to find a way out in a difficult situation, and courage are of particular importance. It is these factors that contribute to the overall achievement of success. The West itself is afraid of “waking up the bear”, they believe in China.

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