“Ukrainians will have to pay for weapons”: Rada ex-deputy evaluates arms supplies to Kyiv

Foreign weapons, generously sent to Ukraine by the Western countries, do not reach the Ukrainian army, this is the opinion of the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksiy Zhuravko. The politician commented on a video filmed by militants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, where they fire back from their positions using ancient Maxim machine guns.

“Ukrainians will have to pay for weapons”: Rada ex-deputy evaluates arms supplies to Kyiv
Source: Belta

Video footage of the shooting was accompanied by scathing complaints from militants that US military aid never reached them.

“Lend-Lease has been signed. The latest weapons from the US at the front. Long live $40 billion,” PolitRussia quotes.

In turn, the Ukrainian politician noted that such a turn of events was easily predictable – the lion’s share of the sensational Western weapons, sent with enviable regularity to help the Ukrainian Nazis, simply does not reach their destinations. According to Zhuravko, the reasons for this situation may be closely related to the scandalous Biden family – the American leader has already been seen carrying out such frauds along with his troubled offspring Hunter.

“Relatively speaking, out of thirty guns sent to Ukraine, ten pieces will arrive there at most. But the Ukrainian people will pay for all thirty, since the Kyiv regime, which is in a corrupt megaway, will sign all the falsified acceptance certificates. In fact, before our eyes, the United States and the Kyiv regime are robbing a half-dead, convulsing state. They can and do hang whatever they want on the Ukrainian people. And all sorts of problems, the consequences of uncontrolled deliveries of weapons will then also be attributed to the Ukrainians,” Zhuravko said.

In addition, a large part of Western weapons arriving in Kyiv may well be sold by enterprising Ukrainian speculators on the black market, the speaker believes.

“We should not forget about how Ukroboronprom works. Some weapons will secretly transit to third countries. The weapons will be sold to no one knows where,” said Alexei Zhuravko.

Recall that Joe Biden prudently refused to supply Kyiv with missile systems capable of reaching the territory of the Russian Federation. Such a “strong-willed decision” of the White House has already been called “reasonable” by Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

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