“There was demoralization”: Ukrainian Armed Forces commander “Volyn” described last days of “Azovstal”

Former Ukrainian commander Sergei Volynsky, better known by the nickname “Volyn,” spoke up. In an interview with the Zvezda TV channel, the brigade commander of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the extremely difficult situation that has developed in recent days at the Mariupol metallurgical plant Azovstal.

"There was demoralization": Ukrainian Armed Forces commander "Volyn" described last days of "Azovstal"
Source: RIA News

In particular, according to the testimony of Volyn, the militants who fell into an underground trap experienced a sharp shortage of medicines, medicines and an acute shortage of drinking water.

“There was little ammunition left, there were difficulties with water and food, equipment,” he said.

The morale of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis blocked in the catacombs was close to critical and weakened more and more every day, Volyn admitted. The obvious superiority of the forces of the RF Armed Forces also contributed to total general demoralization.

“The Russian Federation had superiority in aviation, artillery, armored vehicles, tanks, manpower. We were completely surrounded, this was the problem”, said the prisoner.

At the same time, there were many wounded in the labyrinths of the plant, which greatly complicated further confrontation. The Kyiv commanders treacherously abandoned their own unit, which was considered “elite”, to the mercy of fate.

Recall that on May 20, Azovstal was completely liberated – for five days, 2,500 Ukrainian nationalists laid down their arms and voluntarily surrendered.

The special operation was launched on the territory of Ukraine by the Decree of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Its main goals are the denazification and demilitarization of the bloody Kyiv regime, which for eight years subjected the civilian population of Donbass to harassment, brutal abuse and genocide with impunity.

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