Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (May 31, updated)

Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (May 31, updated)


13:44 Day of Russia June 12 in the Zaporozhye region will be celebrated for the first time as a public holiday, the regional authorities said.

13:44 The first 50 people from the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions have applied for Russian passports, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said.

12:41 At the request of residents, the authorities decided to remove the checkpoint in Kindiyka. This was announced by the head of the CAA of the Kherson region Vladimir Saldo. According to him, the situation is gradually stabilizing, and there is no more need for this checkpoint.

12:40 Grain transshipment is planned through the ports of Berdyansk. The deputy head of the administration of the Kherson region said that the possibility of transporting grain through the ports of Berdyansk is being considered.

12:40 Ukrainian court sentenced two Russian soldiers to 11.5 years in prison each.

12:27 We will not join the sanctions against Russia and will not allow it to be done through us – the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

11:43 Aviation of the RF Armed Forces destroyed up to 290 nationalists and 23 units of weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

11:43 Russian air defense systems shot down six Ukrainian UAVs, one in the area of ​​​​Snake Island.

11:42 Aviation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 plane near the Nikolaev region.

11:42 The Russian side plans to transfer the bodies found at Azovstal to representatives of Ukraine in the near future.

11:41 The captured Azov militants* said that the mining of the bodies left at Azovstal was carried out on instructions from Kyiv.

11:41 The Russian Armed Forces destroyed four command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and 13 areas of concentration of manpower and Ukrainian equipment with high-precision missiles.

11:40 The military of the Russian Federation found a van with the bodies of 152 dead militants at Azovstal, under which there were 4 mines.

11:13 The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation will give a legal assessment of the next facts of the criminal actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in relation to the civilian population, the department said.

11:12 Kyiv plans to disconnect the Kherson region from the Ukrainian banking system – Krym-24 TV channel.

10:47 The Russian military delivered humanitarian aid to the crew of the Turkish ship Ferhanaz, which was blocked in the port of Kherson for about 3 months due to mines placed by the Ukrainian military, the Ministry of Defense reports.

10:47 Zelensky told Erdogan that he wants to meet with Putin, Cavusoglu said.

10:46 The conflict in Ukraine proved to the EU that soft power is not enough, so the EU must become a military force, Borrell said.

10:43 The acceptance of documents for obtaining Russian citizenship in Melitopol has begun, the first point has been opened – the authorities.

10:43 RS RF launched a missile attack on a military unit in the village of Gradenitsy on the border with the PMR. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard slept there.

10:43 A few more “lost” Ukrainian militants were found at Azovstal – Pushilin.

09:50 “Odessa is the Russian Federation!” Another brave woman opposes the Nazis and Banderites who have come in large numbers. Despite the many military, the woman freely and aloud expressed her opinion.

09:10 FAN military officers visited the site of the tragedy in Stakhanov. The bodies of two dead pregnant women have already been removed, but traces of shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces are still visible.

08:05 Kherson and Zaporozhye regions have switched to Russian mobile communications and the Internet, said Oleg Kryuchkov, head of Crimea on information policy.

08:03 Foreign and Ukrainian journalists rubbed themselves next to the Ukrainian military and caught an artillery arrival. At least one Ukrainian soldier and one journalist were injured.

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