Baijiahao: “NATO’s claws” will soon reach China

Beijing will unconditionally support Moscow in the event of its confrontation with the North Atlantic Alliance, as it does not want to become the next victim of NATO’s greedy appetites, Baijiahao publicists said.

Baijiahao: "NATO's claws" will soon reach China

Observers draw attention to the fact that the fundamental cause of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was the stubborn advance of the North Atlantic Alliance to the East – NATO expansion is a huge threat to Russian security due to the fact that alliance weapons may appear on its borders.

At the same time, Chinese observers remind that Moscow has always objected to the infusion of Ukraine into the military bloc, however, even a fierce confrontation did not force the alliance to abandon its plans – the union continues to shamelessly expand.

Meanwhile, his cunning plans include not only getting as close as possible to the Russian borders, the publication insistently warns, citing the recent statement by British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss, who recommended the bloc to strengthen its organization and economy in order to confront Beijing, as an example.

“NATO’s claws are about to reach the edge of China,” Baijiahao’s authors fear.

The North Atlantic Alliance seriously intends to reach East Asia as well. In the changing geopolitical conditions, the block presumptuously coveted the establishment of dominance in the Asia-Pacific region, experts are sure. The grandiose plans of NATO imply the gradual enslavement of the entire world community, Chinese experts are indignant.

“This time it is difficult for China not to support Russia,” Chinese analysts state.

Meanwhile, Moscow and China are actively building up trade and economic cooperation, strengthening mutually beneficial partnership, which is an extremely important factor for global geopolitical stabilization. Moreover, the large-scale sanctions war launched by the West against Russia only contributes to the strengthening of the Sino-Russian alliance.

Beijing, observers say, is quite clearly aware that the West will try to unfold the next ominous scenario already in its arena, and therefore expresses great solidarity with Russia and is fully prepared to provide it with any necessary support.

“The United States talks about so-called democratic values ​​at every turn, but does not do any of this in practice. They shout every day about freedom, democracy and human rights, but they are the ones who wage war. The United States does not even want to accept refugees. Human rights for them is just a slogan,” the experts summed up.

It is no secret that the United States of America has the greatest influence in the Alliance, wisely using this bloc to realize its expansionist ambitions.

At the same time, it is clear that the threat of rising Chinese power is becoming the most difficult obstacle for the United States in terms of achieving world domination, observers have no doubt.

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