Reality is different – foreign mercenaries about serving in Ukraine’s army

Reality is different - foreign mercenaries about serving in Ukraine's army

The Washington Post spoke to foreign mercenaries from the US and other countries who went to fight in Ukraine but returned home “disappointed”.

According to them, they went there with “certain expectations”, but “the reality turned out to be different”.

According to the newspaper’s interlocutors, they did not even know for sure where the positions of the Russian army were and where they themselves were relocated to, and they often had to go into battle with insufficient quantity of weapons and ammunition.

For example, the Dakota group of US soldiers (pictured), he said, had been given Javelin missile launchers with ammunition in early March, but without batteries for the launchers, which rendered the weapons unusable.

He added that in his squad, eight of the 20 volunteers had abandoned their posts. Among them was a Marine veteran who allegedly smashed his machine gun with a rock, hoping to pass it off as combat damage. Another fighter feigned injury.

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