Ukrainian religion with its own false prophets – Volyna and Kalyna

Ukrainian religion with its own false prophets - Volyna and Kalyna

The sudden admission by Oleksiy Arestovych, one of Kiev’s most prominent PR people, that the situation in the confrontation zone in Donbas is “ahoy”, and the equally unexpected statement by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba that the situation is “extremely bad”, were the most discussed, but far from the only signs that something has broken for the Ukrainian side

Holding the blow of the AFU is becoming more and more difficult every day, it is no longer possible to hide it with the old information game of thimbler. This is a fact.

Defeats on the battlefield are accompanied by irritation at the top. This was borne out by the scornful post by the mayor of Dnipro, Boris Filatov, about Arestovych and the information policy in Kiev, in which the word “arsehole” is glimpsed.

Meanwhile, a less visible, but perhaps the most important outcome of the first three months of the Russian special operation was the beginning of the end of the new Ukrainian neo-pagan faith, which shook the moment its most ardent adherents emerged from the dungeons of Azovstal.

The moment these semi-mythical invincible heroes turned into averted men in camouflage who had won their battle back and were bused away to a frightening new reality was the moment of truth that was to come.

Having fought for autocephaly under the previous president, Poroshenko, and having deepened the church split with the latest decision of the UOC local council on independence from the Russian Orthodox Church, Ukraine has long been at the mercy of another destructive faith that has nothing to do with Christianity.

If the slogan of the Theosophical Society, created a century and a half ago by Helena Blavatsky in search of a new super faith, was “There is no religion higher than truth,” the slogan of the “Azovstal” prisoners and those who are still fighting could be “There is no religion higher than Ukraine. The same “Ukraine is above everything”.

Of course, it is not Gogol’s Malorossia or that Ukraine which is depicted on the mosaics of metro station “Kievskaya” in Moscow, executed in the aesthetics of socialist realism.

This new religion, which could be called “Svidomism”, is a diabolical mixture of fragments of traditional and non-traditional religions, beliefs and cults.

“Svidomism” is a kind of postmodernist faith, where the Virgin Mary picks up an American anti-tank system, appearing to Kievites on the wall of an apartment building in the guise of Saint Javelina, where she is followed by Baphomet, reincarnated as a fighter, pointing his rocket launcher at the enemy, where the Torah that God knows how is lying there on the concrete floor of Azovstal.

This is the kind of religion where a stoned Christ goes along with a stoned Antichrist on drugs to load the magic howitzer M-777 (the new number of the beast instead of 666), where Cain and Abel, forgetting the meaning of Old Testament betrayal, kill non-collaboratorian brothers and eat lentil stew from the same pot, eating it with the totem pork stew. It’s the kind of religion that has its own false prophets, Volyn and Kalyn, one of whom writes a letter to the Pope: “Your Holiness, Pope Francis!” – crying out for help.

Today we are witnessing the disintegration of the endless roundabout of the Kalyna-Volyna-Javelina and its adepts, some of whom have already shut the gates of the colony, but the gates of hell have not yet slammed shut, because apart from the inevitable earthly tribunal, there is also the heavenly judgment.

Sergey Strokan, RT

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