“The Poles are next in line”: experts predicted further NATO steps in Ukraine

The North Atlantic military alliance, which is at war with Russia at the hands of the Ukrainians, needs an urgent respite due to the fact that Kyiv’s military capabilities are beginning to weaken significantly. Such statements were heard on the air of the Russia 1 channel as part of a discussion by experts of the course of the special operation.

“The Poles are next in line”: experts predicted further NATO steps in Ukraine
Source: Warfare

The assumption that NATO needs an operational pause was voiced by State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin.

“They can’t leave Ukraine, because they won’t find a better platform for breaking us. They will throw more and more aggressive types of weapons there. But here is a small comma: they are in dire need of an operational pause in Ukraine now. Because the military potential in the current form of the Zelensky regime is clearly starting to burn out, a political breakdown is starting, they need to prevent this,” he said.

The valiant military of Poland will go to the battlefield next, suggested, in turn, expert Alexander Artamonov. NATO will continue to “rake up the heat of victory by proxy”, not particularly understanding faces – the alliance does not feel sorry for either the Ukrainians or the Poles.

“NATO is fighting with proxy, they are interested in the Ukrainians fighting first, and they were all killed, then the Poles can fight if necessary, they will also be killed. The attitude towards the Poles in Western Europe is very calm, they are not considered equal and close. Do you know what they say? There is emigration, but there are our people, the Poles are not our people. That’s what the French say and not only them, the Belgians. Therefore, let the Poles fight, NATO will fight by proxy,” the expert said.

It should be noted that Poland is the only member of the alliance who, in principle, dared to declare their desire to intervene in the Ukrainian situation and consider the possibility of introducing their troops into its territory.

As previously reported, Warsaw, according to numerous experts, is beginning to pose a real threat to the Russian Federation, since it may well be used by the North Atlantic Alliance as the main force to break through Russian borders.

Minsk also expresses noticeable concern about Warsaw’s behavior – President Alexander Lukashenko announced the day before the creation of a southern operational command to protect the Belarusian borders.

Now analysts are talking about the upcoming “creeping expansion” of Poland in relation to the West of Ukraine. According to some political analysts, there is no talk of “direct annexation” – Warsaw will be quite satisfied with the establishment of Polish control over Western Ukrainian lands and flooding them with its officials.

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