“It’s time to blame the aliens”: expert Montyan ridiculed Biden losing ratings

The ratings of the American leader have collapsed to a record low and now amount to no more than 36%. The President of the United States, Ukrainian jurist Tatyana Montyan is sure, it’s time to start blaming not the Moscow Kremlin, but aliens for all the problems of the United States, writes the publication PolitRussia.

“It's time to blame the aliens”: expert Montyan ridiculed Biden losing ratings
Source: Gazeta.ru

A week ago, the rating of the American president was 42% – the reputation of the leader of the States among ordinary Americans is hopelessly lost.

According to Montyan, the sharp collapse in the degree of Biden’s popular approval is due to the unprecedented inflation that has covered the States. At the same time, the population no longer believes in the fables of Washington, which daily makes more and more ardent attempts to shift the blame for what is happening to Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“It’s time to start blaming aliens for the problems of the American economy,” the expert joked in her Telegram.

At the same time, according to the analyst, Biden’s low rating still exceeds that recorded in 2017 by his predecessor, Republican Trump. However, then such low percentages were associated with a black PR campaign, massively deployed by the American media, vying with each other accusing the billionaire of working for Moscow.

“And Biden’s ratings are falling, despite the fact that all the media, except for Fox News, constantly praise him. In general, autumn [and the US elections] is close, and then we’ll see who outplayed whom in the sanction, Joe”, the lawyer noted.

Recall, according to numerous experts, on the eve of the midterm vote in the US Congress, the American leader is trying with all his might to work on his own ratings and regain the hopelessly lost positions of official Washington on the world stage, and, at the same time, in the eyes of the disappointed electorate.

Air handshake somersaults, ridiculous reservations and big problems with an unpredictable offspring, implicated in corruption schemes and financial fraud, are causing more and more critical voters’ alertness.

The disappointed American public is indignant and demonstrates complete distrust of the current government, scolding Biden, what the world stands on.

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