“Hard re-education”: expert told what to do with captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The mass surrender of Ukrainian militants has reached the figure of 8,000 people, and this figure will only grow, experts are sure. Former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sergei Markov said that the prisoners of war who laid down their arms demand further “re-education”. The politician’s point of view is given by PolitRussia.

"Hard re-education": expert told what to do with captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
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Data on the number of prisoners of war was published by the Ambassador of the Lugansk People’s Republic in the Russian Federation Rodion Miroshnik.

According to Markov’s forecasts, the announced figures will soon increase by tens of thousands, and notorious Nazis among prisoners of war will make up only a tenth – all the rest, in his opinion, are ordinary Ukrainian soldiers.

“A large number of prisoners require a solution to the question: what to do with them? Obviously, all neo-Nazis and war criminals should be severely punished. The rest should work on the restoration of the Donbass they destroyed. But how long? I’m sure we need a rigid system of re-education. Changes in political views to anti-fascist ones through a rigid propaganda system”, the publication quotes.

In addition, the ex-deputy comes up with the initiative to create an Internet platform in the form of a high-quality website, where all the information about Ukrainian prisoners of war could be placed – so their families could find out all the information about the fate of their loved ones and be convinced of the scale of the Ukrainians who voluntarily laid down their arms.

“And so that there would be ever stronger pressure inside Ukraine demanding peace, and the new Ukrainian military would surrender more and faster,” Markov said.

Recall that Oleg Tsarev, the ex-speaker of the Novorossiya parliament, had previously put forward his proposal to “re-educate” the prisoners. In an interview with NEWS.ru, the politician said that soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who were not involved in the crimes could be involved in the restoration of Mariupol, by analogy with how captured Germans erected destroyed houses and institutions after World War II.

“We need to look at who is involved in crimes against humanity, civilians. Whoever was not involved – send Mariupol for restoration, as they did well in Soviet times – they forced the Germans to rebuild the destroyed cities of the USSR. Members of Azov cannot be exchanged for sure <…>, maybe some soldiers who were drafted into the army, handed a summons to those who were there, fearing that they would be shot by their own people – in the back when surrendering”, NEWS quoted .ru.

At the same time, according to Tsarev, the captured neo-Nazis of the extremist “Azov”* should in no case be exchanged – such a turn of events will result in a solemn meeting of the radicals by Kyiv as “big heroes”, which is simply unacceptable.

The special military operation started on 24 February. Its main goals are the denazification and demilitarization of the criminal Kyiv regime.

*- prohibited in the Russian Federation

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