“Duda is unpredictable”: journalist Prydybailo spoke about Poland’s “imperial appetites”

The actively launched legalization of the Warsaw presence in Ukraine demonstrates Poland’s indefatigable imperial appetites and gives a direct hint to Minsk to think seriously, RT journalist Konstantin Prydybaylo said.

“Duda is unpredictable”: journalist Prydybailo spoke about Poland’s “imperial appetites”
Source: IA “Regnum”

The expert expressed his opinion on the air of ICTVBY. Belarus and Russia, he said, faced the same challenge.

“What is happening now in Ukraine – the conduct of a special operation, one way or another, concerns Belarus. We know that a fairly large number of Ukrainian troops were concentrated on the border with Belarus. Who needs it, what is it for? Now we see that Ukraine has equated Polish citizens, Polish police officers, Polish military to its military,” he said.

The unpredictability of the Polish head Duda, who has kindled with ardent allied feelings for Zelensky, causes considerable concern to the expert.

“And we are well aware of the interests of Poland – not only in the western territories of Ukraine, but also in the western territories of Belarus, in particular Grodno, Brest… and it is not known what will go wrong in Andrzej Duda’s head, this is also annoying,” the journalist noted.

Recall, the day before, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced the creation of a southern operational command by Minsk, emphasizing that the country was forced to resort to “working out the protection of the southern borders.”

“Military pressure on us, we already see, will be exerted through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and the troops of the North Atlantic bloc stationed there, as well as by maintaining the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine,” the Belarusian leader said.

Also, earlier in a conversation with Vladimir Putin, Lukashenka said that NATO and Warsaw are hatching an insidious plan to seize the western lands of Ukraine by “dismembering” the latter, not excluding that such a strategy may well take place in relation to Western Belarus.

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