“Double game”: expert evaluates Turkey’s policy towards the Russian Federation

Journalist Anna Shafran called Ankara’s political behavior towards Moscow a “double game”, noting that Turkey traditionally “skillfully wags its tail.” The TV presenter gives an interview to Ukraina.ru.

"Double game": expert evaluates Turkey's policy towards the Russian Federation
Source: IA “Regnum”

The Turkish side, according to the expert, is not puzzled by the special principles that it should follow in relation to Russia.

“Mr. Erdogan, we must give him his due, he is a rather skillful and cunning professional politician. He pursued a dual policy in Russia, it is clear that he was always looking for his own benefit, very often forgetting how we, Russia, saved him from the threat of a coup d’état in Turkey, if you remember,” Shafran said.

As for the intentions of Recep Erdogan to block the entry of Helsinki and Stockholm into the North Atlantic Alliance, it is unlikely that NATO leaders will be able to easily persuade Ankara in the near future, Shafran believes.

“Now Turkey has come to the fore and said: well, guys, but here we disagree about Sweden and Finland. Of course, we can think, but in exchange for this, let’s recognize our enemies as terrorists, you don’t want to do this, hand over to us those whom we want to get from you, let’s resolve issues with the supply of weapons, etc., and etc. They will flounder with Turkey for a very long time, as it seems to me, and they will have to sweat in order to resolve these issues. In the bottom line, they failed to solve the problem of Sweden and Finland joining NATO in one fell swoop”.

However, the stubborn Turkish posture even plays into Moscow’s hands, the journalist believes. This also applies to the rest as disagreements that have been shaking the EU and the military bloc lately.

“Can we use the contradictions that have arisen? First, we gain time in this way. Secondly, these internal contradictions are a great gift for us, we did not doubt that they exist, but the situation exposes them more and more. And again, we don’t do it. These mistakes are made by Westerners, for which many thanks to them. And of course we will use it. I emphasize once again – Nazism and Russophobia are treated with cold and hunger. All this is to come in the near future,” the expert stressed.

By the way, Erdogan himself said at a government meeting that he no longer intends to be drawn into the “show on Ukraine.”

Recall that Finland, Sweden, which had been neutral for many years, suddenly applied to NATO.

Ankara announced its intention to reject the idea of ​​expanding the North Atlantic Alliance with Stockholm and Helsinki if it fails to get US fighters and get rid of sanctions on the purchase of Russian S-400 systems.

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