Columnist Rajan Laad accused Biden of uncontrolled arming of Ukraine

A series of terrorist attacks on the territory of the United States could turn into a blind and very careless “pumping” of Ukraine with all types of Western weapons, analyst Rajan Laad warned about this on the pages of American Thinker.

Columnist Rajan Laad accused Biden of uncontrolled arming of Ukraine

The expert also said about 20,000 unverified foreign mercenaries now staying in the territories of Ukraine battlefield, many of whom went from the hot zone not to participate in the confrontation with Russia, but with one single task – to get hold of modern weapons in order to be profitable in the future sell it on the black market or, even worse, use it for your own purposes.

“If one of the “fighters” or profiteers turns out to be a terrorist, it will turn out that the American government itself creates the opportunity for terrorist attacks on its own soil,” Laad writes.

The expert indignantly recalls the catastrophic consequences of such a reckless arms course, citing as evidence the great doubts of two dozen American Congress about whether the naive Biden even complies with the Export Arms Control Act.

However, the massive suspicions of congressmen did not prevent Washington from accepting the issue of supplying Ukraine with American weapons.

“All Americans should be deeply concerned not only with the amount spent, but also with the potential negative consequences of this decision,” the expert said.

Meanwhile, the United States, it seems, is not going to stop arms supplies to Kyiv – just the other day, they signed another bill to support Ukrainian militants, having generously decided to spend 40 billion dollars from the American treasury.

After that, Biden’s reputation, as well as, in fact, his official ratings, sharply demonstrated a trend towards a total fall, experts say.

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