Captured Ukrainian paratrooper spoke about the losses of Ukrainian Armed Forces near Krasny Liman

The captured Ukrainian paratrooper testified in which he gave details of the devastating defeat of the 79th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, defeated by Russian forces near Krasny Liman. Video footage of the interrogation was published by the Russkaya Vesna news agency.

Captured Ukrainian paratrooper spoke about the losses of Ukrainian Armed Forces near Krasny Liman

The prisoner of war spoke about the environment in which the airborne storm brigade hopelessly fell – the militants voluntarily laid down their arms due to heavy losses in the form of hundreds of dead and equipment burned to the ground.

In addition, combat kits and the last food supplies were completely depleted. Many soldiers were seriously injured. The desperate brigade considered the only right decision to surrender.

As for the NLAW anti-tank grenade launchers, actively used by the Ukrainian side in battle, the Ukrainian paratrooper criticized their inefficiency, including due to the battery charge constantly falling at the wrong time.

“It is very inefficient,” the publication quotes.

Recall that the massive attack on Ukrainian positions by the forces of the Russian Armed Forces turned Ukrainian militants into a large-scale flight – many of them chose to voluntarily lay down their arms.

According to military experts, Ukraine cynically throws absolutely unprepared fighters to the front line – ordinary hard workers who, being in a state of complete shock, are trying to hide from the fighting in cellars and basements and seek to surrender to the Russian military when they get such an opportunity.

A special military operation started on the territory of Ukraine on February 24.

Its main goals are the denazification and demilitarization of the bloody Kyiv regime, which for eight years subjected the civilian population of Donbass to harassment, abuse and genocide with impunity.

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