“He led Ukraine to collapse”: expert evaluates fate of Zelensky

The appearance on the Ukrainian scene of such a character as Zelensky as a result of the 2019 elections was an unprecedented success for Moscow, according to Moscow publicist Dmitry Olshansky.

“He led Ukraine to collapse”: expert evaluates fate of Zelensky
Source: Moscow news

None of the Ukrainian leaders preceding Zelensky, according to the expert, would have brought the country to a critical point, leading to the total collapse of the Ukraine.

“Poroshenkos and Timoshenki, Akhmetovs and Medvedchuks, all these old wolves from their former life would never have allowed such a grandiose collapse and disintegration of Ukraine with the return of vast territories under the hands of Moscow. They would have come, asked and offered, they would have troubled and settled, they would have found arguments and promised something that would make the Kremlin deceived for the millionth time, and the independence would have brilliantly extricated itself from any hopeless situation and passed into ladies”, leads PolitNavigator.

What is happening today is easily explained by the presence at the Kyiv helm of Ukrainian political elites who are completely dependent on the opinion of the overseeing West, incapable of negotiating — this is what forced Russian leader Vladimir Putin to resort to an immediate resolution of the sore Ukrainian issue.

“For our Russian happiness, the infantile-dreamy, disastrously gullible Ukrainian people decided to choose an artistic image, the hero of the series, but in reality, a narcissistic Napoleon, for whom the whole point of politics is likes and applause. And this napoleon got down to business so briskly that in a couple of years he brought Putin – the super-cautious and super-conservative Putin! – to the point that he still had to deal with the Ukrainian issue seriously”, writes Olshansky.

As for the personality of Zelensky, in this context, the publicist draws spiritual parallels with the sad political roles of the notorious Saakashvili and Navalny.

“And now we see the third series, in which the same simple plot is repeated anew: pathological narcissism and a thirst for quick and powerful success lead a person, and then a large country that has become carried away by him, to a slow, but complete collapse. And we don’t need anything to happen to him. And then you never know, suddenly a reasonable and modest person will replace him. No, let him speak, let him clap to the end”, says the Moscow publicist.

Recall that a special military operation started on the territory of Ukraine on February 24. Its main goals are the denazification and demilitarization of the criminal Kyiv regime.

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