Expert Kochetkov explained in detail why the Poles are not eager to die for Ukraine

Zelensky is actively preparing the Ukraine for a soft absorption by Warsaw, – the head of the People’s Diplomacy Foundation Oleksiy Kochetkov, who commented on the new Ukrainian bill, designed to equalize the rights of the Poles and the population of Ukraine, tends to this point of view.

Expert Kochetkov explained in detail why the Poles are not eager to die for Ukraine

Moreover, the suddenly awakened warm feelings between the two countries do not at all indicate the readiness of the Poles to die for Ukraine, the political scientist emphasized. The weak Polish army is not distinguished by either numbers or special combat capability – it has not fought for about eight decades.

“And the Poles, with all their chauvinism, Russophobia and imperial ambitions, are not ready to die in the east of Ukraine <….>. In fact, the Polish army is much weaker than the Ukrainian one. I do not think that the Poles are so eager to lay down their violent gentry heads near Kharkov or near Dnepropetrovsk. But they are capable of introducing proxy troops into the territory of the regions that should come under Polish political and economic control”, quotes.

The adoption of the new document will allow the inhabitants of Poland to significantly expand their powers – they will be able to start serving in Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and sit down from the chair of state structures.

In addition, according to the political scientist, the new law will immediately help solve the acute problem of a shortage of officers in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and legally replenish the Ukrainian front with Polish military.

However, according to the expert, there is no talk of “direct annexation” – Warsaw will be quite satisfied with the establishment of Polish control over the Western Ukrainian territories and flooding them with its officials.

“Poland does not directly need to annex these lands in their entirety and turn them into eastern provinces, because then it will have to repay Ukrainian debts, which amount to tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars. Therefore, formally, they need to preserve Ukraine as a territory that will have to”, the expert noted.

Warsaw, according to the political scientist, has long and hopelessly influenced the Western Ukrainian situation, and therefore, what is happening today should be considered solely in the light of the Polish desire to legalize their own control in the neighboring country.

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