Belarus is concerned about NATO reconnaissance flights near its borders

NATO reconnaissance aviation conducts flights near the Belarusian borders, studying the territory of Belarus, which worries Minsk, said Minister of Defense of the Republic Viktor Khrenin.

Belarus is concerned about NATO reconnaissance flights near its borders

“We are well aware that all those flights that take place dozens a day, this is the operational study of the territory, the training of pilots who study, watch. This cannot but worry us. God forbid that this becomes a theater of military operations in the future” , – the Belta agency quotes the minister as saying. According to him, a large number of NATO reconnaissance aircraft flights are recorded daily near the Belarusian borders.

The head of the Defense Ministry stressed that Minsk is closely following the actions of NATO, developing “a set of measures to prevent this tension that has developed around our borders from entering the hot phase.”

Khrenin noted that in Europe, not far from the Belarusian borders, exercises of NATO countries are being held, including “Defender of Europe – 2022”. According to him, additional maneuvers are being carried out under his guise – a total of 21 exercises. The Minister said that all these maneuvers are united by a common plan. Most of the military personnel who participate in the exercises are the United States military, he said.

The Minister of Defense also noted that Belarus is monitoring the development of the armed forces in NATO countries, including the emergence of new technologies and weapons. “Based on this, we think over and predict possible risks, challenges and threats for us, develop adequate countermeasures,” he added.

“We are not a threat to anyone. We want to live on our own land, to develop ourselves. To be independent, independent. Our armed forces are not a tool for waging war. It is a tool to prevent war, first of all,” Khrenin emphasized.

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