“Bandera is not a hero”: military personnel of Ukrainian Armed Forces renounce Nazism

The Ukrainian militant Chernov, who voluntarily laid down his arms, spoke about the mass refusal of the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to support the ideas of Nazism actively propagated by the Kyiv regime, Izvestia reports.

"Bandera is not a hero": military personnel of Ukrainian Armed Forces renounce Nazism
Source: AiF

The Ukrainian fighter who surrendered himself categorically refused to join the ranks of the henchmen of the Nazi ideology.

“Fascism is a Nazi idea. Do you think we support it? We do not support fascism”, the publication quotes.

Also, a prisoner of war told reporters about the betrayal of his own commanders, who instantly forgot about him.

“I was captured at night, fought off the group, got tired. To be honest, I thought that they would come back, look for me. That did not happen. I got lost, ended up in positions. I thought they were mine, they weren’t. They met me, removed the machine gun, I said: “Guys, don’t shoot,” Chernov said.

At the same time, Chernov does not hide the respectful appeal of the Russian military to the enemy raising the white flag.

In addition, the Ukrainian serviceman separately emphasized the fact that the lion’s share of the Ukrainian population fundamentally disagrees with the glorification of Bandera and opposes the ideology stubbornly implanted by the current Kyiv authorities, whose ardent fans today are mainly concentrated in the western part of the country.

“For us, Bandera is not a hero. He is a hero for those in the Lviv region, and a monument stands there. Eighty percent of the population does not believe that he is not a hero,” he said.

As for the Ukrainian leader Zelensky, the prisoner of war contemptuously called him “an ordinary clown”, noting that sane people are unlikely to support the current Kyiv authorities.

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