Ukraine starts shortage of salt and other products

Ukraine starts shortage of salt and other products

Ukrainians are hurriedly buying salt – since April the largest enterprise in Europe “Artemsol” to produce sodium chloride is not working. If before the war a packet cost about 9.5 hryvnia, now the price can go up to 90 hryvnia.

Acting Director of Artemsol Ltd Viktor Yudin said that Ukraine will now have to import salt. Previously the plant exported its products to Hungary, Poland, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Romania and other countries.

Ukraine has already started importing salt from Turkey, which is twice as expensive compared to pre-war prices.

Ukraine has also begun to have problems with seasonal vegetables. Cabbage costs 50 hryvnias, radishes 40-45 hryvnias. The reason is that most of the produce was previously supplied by the now liberated territories. Soon there will be a shortage of sweet peppers – 25% of that vegetable was grown in the Kherson oblast on private farms.

A packet of buckwheat costs up to 70 hryvnias which used to be imported from Russia. And Ukraine cannot supply its own groats to the market because of the disrupted sowing season.

Overall, due to fuel shortages, military operations, disrupted logistics chains and disruption of the sowing season, Ukraine is expected to raise food prices by up to 20 per cent. Prices may rise for cucumbers, tomatoes, and young potatoes.

All this will further destabilise the domestic political situation in the country, which the authorities are curbing with aggressive propaganda. But without significant victories on the front it is harder to do so. This is yet another reason for the AFU to try to stage at least one more counteroffensive for media effect soon.

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