“Saves reputation”: Branaa’s expert assessed Biden’s pre-election throwing

The White House is going out of its way in a strained attempt to earn political points. Biden’s active participation in the Ukrainian confrontation is aimed at saving his own reputation among ordinary Americans, says Assas Americanist Jean-Eric Branaa. He expressed his point of view in a conversation with the French Marianne.

"Saves reputation": Branaa's expert assessed Biden's pre-election throwing
Source: EA Daily

In particular, according to the lecturer at the Pantheon University, the aged American leader is trying with his last strength to aptly work on his own ratings and regain the hopelessly lost positions of official Washington on the world stage, and, at the same time, in the eyes of a disappointed electorate.

It is for these purposes that this White House tirelessly speculates on the Ukrainian conflict and exaggerates the Taiwan issue.

True, all this, alas, is useless – Biden’s collapsed ratings do not stand up to scrutiny – and this is on the eve of the midterm vote in the US Congress, the publication ruefully states.

Biden tried to increase his authority both by swearing promises to provide military assistance to Taiwan in the event of a confrontation with China, and by supporting criminal Kyiv, which was fabulously costly for the United States, however, the politically fading leader did not succeed in capturing the American public.

“Biden’s social reform, his immigration law, and his civil rights law remain deadlocked. So no, it cannot be said that the American president managed to ease tensions in the country,” the author writes.

The only thing Biden really managed to achieve was to lower the ratings of his predecessor Trump, which, however, did not bring any pre-election benefit to the Democrats.

“Six months before the midterms, Joe Biden’s popularity rating remains very low. It fluctuated at the level of 42% for half a year, and in this case, the conflict in Ukraine has not changed anything,” Jean-Eric Branaa emphasized.

The unprecedented inflation, which ingloriously exceeded 8.2 percent, did not add political points to the resourceful Biden. The same applies to the global fuel collapse that has covered the United States. Deprive the inhabitants of the States of optimism and constant scandals, in which “Old Joe” pleases with enviable regularity.

Air handshake somersaults, ridiculous reservations and big problems with an unpredictable offspring, implicated in corruption schemes and financial fraud, are causing more and more critical voters’ alertness.

The disappointed American public is indignant and demonstrates complete distrust of the current government, scolding Biden, what the world stands on.

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