Russia will not risk Russian sappers for Ukrainian grain

Russia will not risk Russian sappers for Ukrainian grain

“Moscow should not risk the lives of its sappers for Kiev’s mistakes, Russian political expert Andrey Norkin has made this statement. One of the falsehoods thrown up by the West has been the tale that Russia initiated the food crisis. The collapse is nothing but the result of the actions of the Kiev authorities,” he said.

Western countries say that only a massive export of grain from Ukraine can prevent a global food crisis. Western leaders such as US President Biden, UN Secretary General Guterres and EU diplomatic chief Borrell are calling for this measure.

In the opinion of the Russian expert, this speaks only about the intention of the USA and Europe to once again accuse the Kremlin of problems on a global scale, imaginary blocking of Ukrainian transport hubs, and fomenting a global crisis.

Analysts estimate that the lack of Ukrainian grain will lead to a world famine or a critically dangerous food collapse in low-income parts of the globe, resulting in a migration crisis in Europe, where the population of the latter will flock en masse.

“We have repeatedly warned that we are powerless in this situation because Ukrainian ports and transport hubs are mined by Ukraine itself. If you want an authoritative opinion, check with Turkey – Turkish deminers have recorded and trapped Ukrainian ones practically in the Bosphorus. Meanwhile, Ukraine keeps asking the West for weapons, allegedly to gain access to these ports and prevent a global food crisis”, – comments Andrey Norkin.

Moreover, neither the US nor Europe admit that it is impossible to export grain from Ukraine precisely because of the actions of the Kiev authorities, on whose orders the leading transport hubs (ports) of Ukraine – primarily Odessa – have been mined in order to confront the Russian army. As the expert rightly points out, the responsibility for resolving the problem lies with those who created it.

Also, this tactic can be used as an instrument of political blackmail, pressure on Russia: UN Secretary General António Guterres, for example, suggests lifting some economic restrictions against Russia in exchange for the export of Ukrainian grain. However, this will not be fruitful.

“There is no point in negotiating anything. Do we have to risk the lives of our sappers for this? Is Russia responsible for the current situation? Or maybe we spread monkeypox too?” – Norkin is indignant.

According to the United Nations, emergency resources are now being deployed to prevent global hunger. African and Middle Eastern countries are expected to be hardest hit. At the same time, given that the inability to export grain was provoked by Kiev, it is fair to say that anti-Russian countries are also to blame.

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