“Putin’s victory”: Western experts recognizes gas defeat of Europe

European gas companies still had to agree with the uncompromising demand of Russian leader Vladimir Putin regarding payment for blue fuel in rubles, such a conclusion was made by Western experts Chico Harlan and Stefano Pitrelli.

"Putin's victory": Western experts recognizes gas defeat of Europe

Recall that the new ruble scheme was introduced by the President of the Russian Federation for states unfriendly to Moscow. Unwillingness to follow this course threatens with a complete and instant deprivation of supplies – European energy companies are now forced to open two accounts at once with the Russian Gazprombank – incoming euros are already here, on the spot, converted into rubles.

Experts called Europe’s agreement with the Kremlin’s immutable conditions an unconditional victory for Putin.

“Europe is accepting Putin’s demand for gas payments to avoid new shutdowns,” PolitRussia is quoted as saying.

The new demands of the Russian leader caused loud controversy in the European Parliament, which immediately backfired on a misunderstanding by the gas companies of the plan for further action. As a result, the forced agreement of the latter with the new Russian scheme instantly strengthened the position of the ruble, states The Washington Post.

“This is a deal in which everyone saves face,” said university educator Alessandro Lanza.

The opening of a ruble account in Gazprombank has already loudly quarreled European parliamentarians more than once, however, the EU nevertheless deftly and far-sightedly orientated itself and found nothing better than to fully and as quickly as possible approve the scheme proposed by the Kremlin.

The lion’s share of the European clientele of the Russian gas giant Gazprom has already given its consent to adhere to the new Russian rules.

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