One of Donetsk’s biggest hospitals receives new equipment from Russia

One of Donetsk's biggest hospitals receives new equipment from Russia

Modern medical equipment and instruments were brought to Donetsk Clinical Territorial Medical Association from Russia.

It was handed over by the Russian Society of Surgeons, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Health Protection Committee Dmitry Khubezov and his deputy Badma Bashankayev.

It should be reminded that the residents of the republic now take part in the campaign “Donate Blood – Save a Life”. It should be noted that not everyone can become a blood donor. Blood may be given only to a healthy person aged from 18 to 60, with no symptoms of any disease. Those who have had any type of hepatitis, tuberculosis, brucellosis or tularaemia must never donate blood.

All candidates must have their temperature, blood pressure and pulse checked before they donate blood and if any of these are not normal, they will not be allowed to donate.

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