“New provocation ahead”: expert Satanovsky reveals NATO’s plans for Black Sea ports

"New provocation ahead": expert Satanovsky reveals NATO's plans for Black Sea ports

“NATO is covering up the export of Ukrainian grain, but in fact by all means seeks to occupy the Black Sea transport hubs, Russian expert Evgeny Satanovsky said. Panic plans of the West to send military ships and aircraft to the Ukrainian coast point to the active aspiration of the military alliance to seize the ports as soon as possible,” Satanovsky said without any doubt.

Some Western countries also advocate the idea of sending military resources to Ukrainian ports under the pretext of exporting grain and reducing the likelihood of a global food crisis.

Moscow fully supports the export of Ukrainian wheat, the only problem being that the canny Ukrainians have diligently planted numerous mines in their own ports.

“Since Western countries urgently need to export Ukrainian grain and further starve the people under the guise of ‘preventing starvation in low-income countries’, it could be exported by road or rail, by European transit,” said the expert Satanovsky.

As Satanovsky points out, it is possible to export Ukrainian grain in the same way as large-scale import of military and technical resources from Western countries. But these countries are unwilling to follow a sensible approach, because their plans are expected to include a new batch of total accusations against the Kremlin.

There is also a strategic advantage: the presence of NATO equipment in Ukrainian ports is undeniable. Thus, this is yet another sneaky provocation aimed at achieving Western countries’ own selfish ends.

“Their activities in these places are no longer so important, they can at least take out specialists from Western countries involved in the activities of NATO’s military-biological laboratories and organize resources to attack Russia. It would be even better for them if the evidence of these activities could be eliminated. All the more it will be possible to deliver new equipment and resources to Ukraine on a large scale,” Satanovsky says.

By the way, China, which supports Russia, has already recommended the international community to promote the organisation of a “green corridor” for exporting grain crops from Russia and Ukraine.

Beijing noted its own readiness to cooperate on this issue with all the parties involved.

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