Military update of the LDPR. Situation on the line of contact on May 25 (updated)

Military update of the LDPR. Situation on the line of contact on May 25 (updated)

16:50 The first ship from the port of Mariupol will send about 3 thousand tons of metal products to Rostov-on-Don in the coming days, the mayor of the city said.

16:43 Gorlovka is again under fire from Ukraine Armed Forces! The car cooperative “Luch” in the Kalininsky district of Gorlovka came under attack. They report a fire in the area of ​​​​Dneprovskaya street, 33a at 15:59, explosions of Ukrainian shells were heard near the village of Aksenovka and in a field near Angarskaya street. A fire was recorded in the area of ​​the railway tracks between the Solnechny residential area and Aksenovka.

Ukrainian bandit formations shelled the village of Mirny, in the Central City district of Gorlovka. Ukraine Armed Forces shells are reported to fall behind Avdiivska Street.

According to preliminary data, as a result of armed aggression on the part of the Ukraine Armed Forces, a direct hit by a Ukrainian shell on a house at 22 Tambovskaya Street was recorded.

14:16 The Donetsk People’s Republic Ministry of Health provided medical assistance to 2,770 patients in the liberated territory on May 24.

A mobile pharmacy was organized. The work of 4 health care institutions was resumed. 7 obstetric stations have been organised. Seventeen health workers were employed.

14:14 Five foreign vessels were able to leave the port of Mariupol after demining, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

14:13 Moscow welcomes DPR’s development of the Charter of the International Tribunal for POWs from Azovstal, Zakharova said.

13:27 Gorlovka mayor reported that our troops are liberating Novoluganske village (near Svitlodarsk). Apparently, the enemy will not hold on to Novoluganskoye too stubbornly and will retreat in the direction of Artemivsk.

13:07 Shelling by the AFU was recorded in the directions of:

 Avdeevka – Yasinovataya: 5 rockets from BM-21 “Grad” were fired.

Kodema – Dolomitnoye: 12 shells of 152 mm caliber were fired.

09:09 An operational headquarters for the reconstruction of the Republic has been established in the DPR. Acting Deputy Prime Minister Volodymyr Yezhikov has been appointed head of the headquarters.

09:07 Between Popasna and Kamyshevaha Sergey Zenin found a broken observation post of the Right Sector Nazi organization. Very entertaining, but the most interesting thing is that this point was in the same place where the OSCE had a similar point.

08:16 According to updated information, a man born in 1988 was wounded as a result of the night-time shelling of the “Administrative” settlement in the Kuibyshev district at 19a Zuevska Street. The victim was hospitalized with a penetrating shrapnel wound in SBU No. 17. In addition, the windows of the Donetsk nursery-kindergarten No. 364 located at 16a Zuevska Street were damaged.


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