“Ukraine’s discord”: EU once again scandalised over arms supplies to Kiev

"Ukraine's discord": EU once again scandalised over arms supplies to Kiev

Ukraine’s stumbling block: the financing and armament of the “Nezalezhnaya” is turning into more and more mountainous scandals within the walls of the EU and threatens to finally divide the European countries.

Germany’s actions amid the escalating Ukrainian crisis have provoked mixed reactions from other EU member states. At the same time, the state still risks gaining an extremely negative reputation on the world stage due to the emerging relations with Poland against the backdrop of the arming of Ukraine. This forecast was given by the Russian political expert and representative of the Russian Association of Baltic Studies Vsevolod Shimov.

Poland’s ultimatum regarding the quality of military and technical resources supplied to Ukraine has become a precedent.
The demand to replace the tanks sent by Germany to the AFU with powerful and operationally efficient Leopard armoured vehicles confused the German side and forced it to suspend negotiations.

“The German side promised to help us improve our national defence and increase the build-up of quality military equipment. But we didn’t get any of it,” Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Szymon Szinkowski lamented. He was quoted as saying by the Svobodnaya Pressa newspaper.

Expert Szymow said that such actions could significantly affect Germany’s loss of the status of a reliable member of the European Union.

“Poland is one of the most important European vanguards of the United States, but Germany, at the same time, is not actively seeking to arm us,” the expert said.

According to Shimov, the current circumstances once again confirm the fact that Germany is abandoning its advanced military and political role within the EU.

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