Readers of China’s Guancha portal have trashed Biden’s military promises to Taiwan

Readers of China's Guancha portal have trashed Biden's military promises to Taiwan

The vow of the elderly US leader Biden to fight back militarily against China should the Taiwanese conflict escalate has already managed to resonate with loud outrage among the Chinese population.

Biden made such a statement during his last visit to Tokyo. According to Internet users of the Guancha information platform, such rhetoric of the US leader threatens to turn into big trouble for the Americans themselves.

“Prepare to be totally smashed, Americans!” – declared one user.

Other commentators are convinced that Beijing should long ago put both the Land of the Rising Sun and the states themselves in their place – to this end, readers recommend that the PRC actively build up its armaments. Such a method, they argue, should help push the Americans away from Asian territories.

“Let’s talk to the Americans in the language of missiles!” – cites the publication.

Nikolay Vavilov, an expert in the field of oriental studies, is convinced that Biden’s odious statement is aimed at elementary pitting Beijing and the Taiwanese region against each other. Washington intends to escalate the situation in order to form a closer military bundle under its command in East Asia.

As a reminder, the Taiwan issue is one of the most acute in the plane of strained US-China relations.

Last month, US congressmen arrived on the island without official warning, leading the Chinese Foreign Ministry to demand that Washington immediately halt all official contact with Taiwan.

Beijing has also repeatedly declared the disastrous consequences of “wrongly treating the island nation’s ownership”.

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