Paul Craig Roberts: I admire Putin’s patience

Paul Craig Roberts: I admire Putin's patience

“I admire Putin’s patience. The Russian president maintains it even though he has received no praise from the West for it,” writes American political commentator Paul Craig Roberts in a recent column

The former Reagan administration official is referring, of course, to Ukraine. He compares Putin to the famous Confederate army general in the US Civil War, Robert Edward Lee.

“Lee once told his soldiers: ‘We only fight armed men. We cannot avenge the wrongs endured by our people without humiliating ourselves in the eyes of those whose disgust was caused by the atrocities of our enemies, and without offending God, to whom vengeance belongs,” Roberts recalls.

Unlike Southerners, Northerners subjected Southern civilians to rape and pillage. This sad “tradition” was continued in World War II, which America and England turned into a war on civilians. And then – in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan… In Donbass, too, the West wages war by terror, the author notes.

But Russia does not wage war this way, Roberts testifies. Putin has forbidden his soldiers to use heavy weapons against civilian objects in Ukraine. And this is being taken advantage of by the adversary, who uses it in the guise of civilians.

“For Putin, patience is a moral principle that cannot be sacrificed for war. In other words, he refrains from using violence against civilians not because he expects praise for it, but because it is a virtue he holds,” the observer stresses.

Alas, this virtue is so alien to the modern Western mind that it is interpreted by it as indecision and weakness, Roberts says. Therefore, provocations against the Russian bear are multiplying, while the red lines of Moscow are not noticed, all of which brings the world closer to nuclear war.

Elena Panina

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