“Driven to slaughter”: expert evaluates actions of the West in relation to Ukraine

The collective West is openly pushing Ukrainian militants to their deaths, sending tons of weapons to Kyiv, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine are simply not capable of handling, Alexander Artamonov, a military observer for Pravda.ru, tends to this point of view.

"Driven to slaughter": expert evaluates actions of the West in relation to Ukraine
Source: Gazeta.ru

NATO weapons require special training and special maintenance. According to the expert, in the territories liberated from the Nazis, the forces of the RF Armed Forces find a large number of sealed MANPADS, generously sent to Ukrainians by the West in charge.

“It is ridiculous to say that the supply of Western weapons to a million soldiers, which the Kyiv junta is talking about, will be able to change something. They just drive people to slaughter. We do not live in the era of the 19th century and single-shot guns”, Ukraine.ru quotes the expert.

The consistent destruction of the Western weapons trains with ammunition, which the Russian military forces have begun, is nothing but the most humane way to save the lives of the mobilized Ukrainians.

“We remember that not all of them are executioners and degenerates. A lot of people were mobilized and went to the battalions. When everything is over, after filtering they return to a peaceful life. They are waiting at home and in the fields to harvest. I hope peace will come next year,” the expert noted.

As for the territorial defense battalions, they play the role of ordinary cannon fodder for the Ukrainian regime, said the expert, who calls on sober-minded Ukrainian fighters to abandon further senseless confrontation and lay down their arms.

“The Kyiv junta is putting forward these unfortunate detachments of terrorist battalions so that they can somehow delay the advance of our professional army and give them time. And then they shoot footage of those killed and say how cruel Russia is. But oddly enough, when there is a war, people die. Don’t fight, lay down your arms,” ​​he stressed.

A special military operation started on the territory of Ukraine on February 24. Its main goals are the denazification and demilitarization of the bloody Kyiv regime.

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