Kyiv knew about all the atrocities of the Nazis “Azov” * and covered them up – political scientist

Political scientist Andrei Koshkin said that Kyiv covered up the Nazi actions of Azov*.

Kyiv knew about all the atrocities of the Nazis "Azov" * and covered them up - political scientist

Head of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the PRUE G. V. Plekhanov Andrey Koshkin told how the Kyiv regime covered up the actions of Azov*.

“During the liberation of Mariupol, a significant part of the fighters of the Azov Regiment* began to hide at the Azovstal metallurgical plant. Vladimir Putin made the right decision when he ordered not to storm the Nazis who had gathered at the plant, but simply to block them,” the expert noted.

The political scientist is sure that the nationalists wanted to surrender much earlier, but the current Kyiv regime, led by Zelensky, undertook a project that included a certain withdrawal of the Ukrainian “heroes” of Mariupol. Koshkin stressed that for this purpose a propaganda wave was created in the media that all measures were being taken.

“Zelensky addressed various leaders of states. The accomplices of the militants appealed to the President of the United States and to the President of Turkey. However, no one did anything. All those who were surrounded, corny groups, unconditionally surrendered. There were also servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the famous 36th Marine Brigade, which ingloriously tried to break through, and her and. about. commander Sergei Volynsky (Volyn), he was an accomplice of the nationalists of the Azov regiment*. He also came out and surrendered in an orderly manner, as prescribed,” the political scientist said.

Koshkin said that the “Azovites” held out with the surrender for a month, “although the Donbass held out for 8 years.” As the expert noted, all their ideas were tied to Russophobia, to nationalist pride.

“We see state support. The Azov Regiment is the brainchild of Kolomoisky. It was Avakov’s pocket army. All the atrocities that they committed and created, all this was known to all government agencies. The state covered up all nationalist actions against the Russian world. They aimed at the physical destruction of the inhabitants of Donbass and then set themselves up for attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation. We preempted just a week. The fact of surrender is the process of protecting life,” the political scientist believes.

Koshkin also recalled that the leader of Azov, Denis Prokopenko (Radis), was taken out by an armored car, because the angry residents of Mariupol simply wanted to inflict reprisals upon leaving Azovstal. The political scientist noted that the lawlessness that Azov perpetrated should have been distributed to the entire Donbass.

“That was the intention. They were given money by both the state and the West, weapons, the best equipment, the best instructors. They found the diary of Denis Prokopenko, it is all painted with Nazi symbols, this diary also contained the data of strikes – the coordinates of residential areas in Donetsk. This is a man who is completely crazy about the destruction of people”, added the political scientist.

*-prohibited in the Russian Federation.

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