Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (May 22, updated)

12:46 Energodar Mayor Andrey Shevchik and two of his guards were wounded in the explosion – local law enforcement agencies.

Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (May 22, updated)
Source: RIA News

12:12 The military special operation in Ukraine has spurred the technical modernization of the Russian troops. New types of weapons are on combat duty – from submarines with cruise missiles to anti-aircraft systems.

11:40 New briefing by the RF Ministry of Defense, main points:

During the day, high-precision air-launched missiles hit three command posts, 13 manpower concentration areas; More than ten Ukrainian drones were destroyed by Russian air defense systems in a day; Russian aviation hit three command posts, an ammunition depot and 26 areas of concentration of forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a day.

11:32 Servicemen of the RF Armed Forces continue to evacuate civilians from the Kharkiv region to the territory of the Russian Federation at their request, including for the provision of qualified medical care.

11:15 The mobilized military personnel of the People’s Police of the DPR are serving in the Kherson region. The mobilized servicemen from the Donetsk People’s Republic adequately fulfill their military duty on the territory of the Kherson region and help the RF Armed Forces in the performance of combat missions.

10:28 During the shelling last night of the village of Belozerka in the Kherson region, the troops of the Nazi regime killed three and wounded nine local residents. Belozerka was fired upon by the Nazis from heavy MLRS “Hurricane” with cluster rockets. Separate cassettes flew to the ground and exploded, bringing death and destruction.

09:30 The crew of Ka-52 helicopters discovered and destroyed military equipment and positions of Ukrainian military units.

09:20 More information about the detention of an SBU agent in the Kherson region. The agent liquidated in the Kherson region was recruited by the SBU in 2014 in the Luhansk region. After that, he served a sentence for a long time in one of the colonies of the Kherson region.

On February 24, after the start of the special operation, a curator from the SBU contacted him and set the task of collecting data on the locations of Russian military personnel. In particular, on May 6, using one of the messengers, the agent transmitted the coordinates of the Russian troops in the city of Golaya Pristan, after which, on the morning of May 7, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked Tochka-U at the indicated settlement. Also, the saboteur was given data on the location of the cache from the Igla MANPADS for the purpose of possible transfer to members of sabotage and reconnaissance groups. Taking into account the nationalist views that the liquidated agent had, he was given the task of attacking the checkpoint of Russian troops, and then moving to the territory of the Nikolaev region still controlled by Ukraine. However, thanks to the operational work of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the place where the saboteur was hiding was found, where he was liquidated during an attempt to detain him. An F-1 grenade was found on him, which he could use against Russian servicemen. Work is currently underway to capture other DRG members operating in the region.

08:44 At night in Nikolaev there were arrivals on objects of Armed Forces of Ukraine.

08:17 Russian servicemen, at the request of civilians in the Kharkiv region, continue to evacuate them to the territory of the Russian Federation, including for the provision of qualified medical care Residential areas where families lived were periodically subjected to artillery shelling by nationalist battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In order not to put themselves in danger, the residents turned to the military personnel of the RF Armed Forces for help. The servicemen evacuated more than 60 refugees to the territory of the Belgorod region. Among them are mainly elderly people, women and children.

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