“Wave of madness”: Chinese experts criticized the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

Frankly, Chinese observers consider the actions of neighboring countries aiming to replenish the composition of the North Atlantic Alliance with their presence as insane. They expressed their opinion on the pages of Huanqiu shibao.

"Wave of madness": Chinese experts criticized the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO
Source: MK

The catastrophic consequences of such a thoughtless, in their opinion, step will have to be eliminated for more than one year. The expansion of the military bloc is a significant catalyst for tension in the dialogue with Russia, the authors are sure.

The entry of NATO states that have maintained a neutral status for many years, according to the publication, compresses the strategic space of Russia and sets its main goal of ousting it from Europe, which certainly cannot but affect further relations with Moscow.

In addition, the military alliance intends to expand the area of ​​Western Security by economic isolation of Russia, publicists believe.

It should be noted that membership in the Alliance imposes a number of long-term obligations on its members in matters of foreign policy, economics, and, in particular, the national contribution to the development of the bloc. Taking into account the current aggressive anti-Russian rhetoric of NATO, it is not yet possible to talk about further peace-loving dialogue between Moscow and the military alliance.

The alliance imperturbably continues to grow, thereby heating up the already unstable situation and in no way contributes to the de-escalation of the Ukrainian conflict.

Recall, according to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO does not pose an “immediate threat” to Moscow.

Russia is going to act according to the situation, based on the specific threats that will be created.

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