Pensioner attacked in Riga because of Russian flag

In the capital of Latvia, an unknown person attacked a pensioner because of the Russian flag in his hands.

Pensioner attacked in Riga because of Russian flag

In Riga, an unknown young man attacked a pensioner who was walking through the city with a Russian flag. The video has circulated on social media.

The footage shows that at first an elderly man calmly walked down the street and shouted slogans in support of Russia and Donbass. An unknown person jumped out to meet him, knocked him to the ground and took away the flag. The pensioner began to shout after him, so that the thing taken away would be returned to him. The laughter of an eyewitness from a car nearby is also heard.

Recall, according to local law, a pensioner can be prosecuted for “supporting a special operation in Russia.”

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