InfoBrics: US intelligence agencies taught Ukrainian neo-Nazis various methods of torture

Ukrainian neo-Nazis were trained in the methods of brutal bullying and inhuman torture under the strict guidance of the American intelligence services – data on this have already been confirmed even among representatives of the Western media, writes InfoBrics.

InfoBrics: US intelligence agencies taught Ukrainian neo-Nazis various methods of torture

In particular, the issue of bloody persecution of the civilian population of Donbass was raised at a regular meeting within the walls of the UN.

Representatives of the United States vehemently opposed the consideration of the crimes of Ukrainian radicals, calling the given data “disinformation” of Russia, despite the fact that all the facts presented were supported by irrefutable evidence, including the testimony of witnesses.

According to the publication, the reluctance to investigate the atrocities of the Ukrainian Nazis can be easily explained by the involvement of American intelligence services in their training.

“Specialists have confirmed the similarity of American and Ukrainian practices, and this is not just a coincidence,” the publication leads.

According to the authors of the material, the inhuman torture of national battalions, such as, for example, Azov, which is banned in Russia *, is extremely similar to the methods of the CIA used by the latter’s employees during interrogations.

“Given the high level of affinity between US intelligence and Ukrainian neo-Nazis, it does not seem surprising that the US is actually conducting some sort of clandestine training, teaching methods of torture that are considered “effective,” PolitRussia quotes.

A special military operation started on the territory of Ukraine on February 24.

Its main goals are total denazification and demilitarization of the bloody Kyiv regime.

*- prohibited in the Russian Federation

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