Incomes are growing: Russia calculates profit from the sale of German gas

Europe’s gas throwing is costly for Germany – anti-Russian sanctions have already forced the Germans to spend a lot of money and repeatedly overpay for Russian gas, which made the well-known Ukrainian lawyer Tatyana Montyan laugh.

Incomes are growing: Russia calculates profit from the sale of German gas
Source: businessman

In particular, according to the human rights activist, with reference to Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, Germany consumed less blue fuel, but the costs turned out to be disproportionately large – the sanctions are extremely effective against the authors themselves, – the blogger does not hide the irony.

Last month alone, Russia received more than four German billion for the supplied gas, which was almost 80% higher than the profit received before the start of the NWO. And this despite the fact that supplies to the Germans were noticeably reduced.

“For example, Germany paid 56.5 percent more for gas, although the volume of imports decreased by 27.8 percent. At the same time, exports from Germany to Russia fell by 58.7 percent, as a result of which the trade deficit grew to a record 3.4 billion euros in favor of Russia under sanctions. It’s sad, however,” the human rights activist noted.

Here, as nowhere else, the famous Ukrainian joke is appropriate, – the lawyer ironically.

“Enough, dad, to trade, there is nothing we can give back,” the lawyer joked.

Recall that Slovakia expressed its readiness to pay for Russian gas in rubles.

This happened immediately after the EU’s recognition that the scheme proposed by Moscow does not run counter to anti-Russian economic restrictions.

Euros will be transferred to an account with Gazprombank and then converted into rubles.

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