Expert evaluates prospects of Sweden in NATO

European countries planning to join the ranks of the North Atlantic Alliance have turned into a winter staging post for dubious militants and terrorists, says military expert Vladimir Orlov.

Expert evaluates prospects of Sweden in NATO
Source: New news

“In particular, this concerns Sweden, which is actively gathering in NATO,” he noted.

As the Russian Foreign Ministry has already stated, Sweden’s intentions pose a threat to the security of the European continent, including its northern European territories.

“If we talk about the security of these states, what kind of security of these states can we talk about? If these states formed gangs of ISIS* (a terrorist organization banned in Russia – approx.) on the territory of Syria, Iraq, and then they left back to these states. In fact, these states have become winter quarters for all kinds of militants and terrorists. It is well known what Sweden and Norway have turned into after they began to accept all kinds of militants and immigrants from the Middle East with an incomprehensible biography,” Politnavigator cites.

This can also include Poland, which has become a haven for foreign mercenaries, massively arriving in Ukraine.

“Poland has become a transit hub not only for weapons to Ukraine that come from the West, but also a transshipment hub for various mercenaries, various private military companies of the West and those militants, “soldiers of fortune” who go to shoot Russians for fun and for the sake of some his fetish,” said the expert.

Recall that Sweden and Finland today applied for membership in the alliance – they should be considered by the Council of the military bloc, and only after that the agreement will require ratification at the national level in all NATO member countries.

Ankara has already spoken out against the accession of Sweden and Finland to the alliance, the head of which Erdogan said that both countries support terrorists.

However, as it turned out later, Turkey’s opinion may change if it is included in the program for the supply of American F-35 fighters.

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