Ex-deputy of Ukraine Kiva explains skittish behavior of neo-Nazis leaving Azovstal

The categorical unwillingness of the neo-Nazis of the Azov Battalion, banned in Russia,* who are massively leaving the labyrinths of the industrial zone in Mariupol, to show their faces, is connected with the strict orders of the Ukrainian command to “stand to the last,” former Ukrainian deputy Ilya Kiva has no doubts about this.

Ex-deputy of Ukraine Kiva explains skittish behavior of neo-Nazis leaving Azovstal
Source: Vedomosti

According to the Ukrainian parliamentarian, the fears of the Nazis are due to the desperate attempt of the radicals to avoid punishment by the highest Ukrainian officials, who ordered the nationalists to die the death of the brave in the struggle for Ukraine. The actions of the militants are commanded by people, some of whom are supporters of right-wing radical associations in Ukraine.

Massively born Azovites* are now extremely afraid of persecution by the Ukrainian counterintelligence and its cruel reprisals against themselves and their families. That is why the militants are trying with all their might to get away from a possible hit in the lenses of photo and television cameras.

Recall that last night, Azov residents* almost continuously, in small and large groups, massively left the plant, as reported by war correspondent Yuri Kotenok.

“By nightfall, Azov crawled in from all the cracks, just like cockroaches escape from dichlorvos. As the first games went, they realized below that they would not beat them with a slipper at the exit. Remember the picture of the Soviet film “Viy”, where demons climb from under the floor? The situation is similar”, the military correspondent wrote in the telegram channel.

As the publication “Russian Spring” has already noted, what is happening is the unconditional end of the “underground Ukrainian thousand”.

*- prohibited in the Russian Federation

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