“Anti-Ukrainian sentiments”: ordinary Poles are unhappy with the position of Warsaw towards Kyiv

Anti-Ukrainian sentiments are growing among the Poles – the population does not see the expediency of Warsaw’s endless spending on Ukrainian migrants and exorbitant assistance to Kyiv. The situation was commented by the expert of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis Tomasz Jankowski.

"Anti-Ukrainian sentiments": ordinary Poles are unhappy with the position of Warsaw towards Kyiv
Source: Rusvesna.su

In any case, it will not be possible to establish a Polish identity in Western Ukraine, he believes. This is due to the historical unwillingness of the Ukrainians themselves to become Poles.

“Even if the Polish authorities wanted to do something, maybe create a new state in Western Ukraine, this would not be the Polish plan, because we cannot now look at Poland as an independent state. <…> Of course, Lviv is a historically Polish city, but there is no longer an opportunity to establish a Polish identity there,” Politnavigator quotes.

The passion of ordinary Poles towards Ukrainian refugees has also noticeably decreased. In the light of recent events, the attitude towards migrants will only get worse, – Yankovsky predicts.

“In the first days after the start of the special military operation, of course, the Poles helped the refugees a lot. They did everything for them – they provided food and housing, but now the problem is that the Polish authorities allowed Ukrainian activists to attack the Russian ambassador and even the Poles, who came with flowers to the monument to Soviet soldiers on May 9th. A few days ago, a murder took place in the center of Warsaw, in the Polish segment of the Internet they write that it was the Ukrainians who killed the Pole, but the police do not give any information.”

The ruling Polish elites are hopeless adherents of the Western course, which means they are able to fight against Russia to the last Pole, the expert believes.

“For Polish politicians, a world where the US will not rule, a multipolar world is a problem, because they believe that there are no other ways, that we need to do everything as the West wants. If you look at the biography of Polish politicians, you will see that they were trained at the State Department, at various foundations, and so on. Therefore, it is very difficult to say that it is the Polish elites that rule in Poland,” he said.

Russia is obliged to complete the planned denazification of Ukraine, and this will be just the initial step in moving away from the unipolar domination of the United States, the expert emphasized.

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