Ukraine’s denazification operation: operational summary on 17 May (updated)

Ukraine's denazification operation: operational summary on 17 May (updated)

15:04 An airstrike was carried out near Chernihiv on the Ukrainian armed forces’ Desna training centre. The local administration claims at least eight militants killed.

13:20 Russian Armed Forces continue special military operation in Ukraine (17.05.2022). In total, since the start of the special military operation, they have destroyed:

168 aircraft;
125 helicopters;
912 unmanned aerial vehicles;
309 anti-aircraft missile systems;
3,134 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles
385 multiple-launch rocket systems;
1,542 pieces of field artillery and mortars
2,983 units of special military vehicles.

13:15 The Russian military destroyed a traction power substation in Kharkiv Region, which was delivering weapons and military equipment to Donbas from the USA and Western countries.

11:55 Ukraine’s negotiators are “led” by Washington and London, Lavrov said.

11:50 Russia is ready to continue solving humanitarian issues in Ukraine, as it did earlier with the removal of wounded from Azovstal – Lavrov.

11:13 Russian humanitarian aid has been delivered to the village of Velyka Belozerska, Zaporozhye Region.

11:05 Peskov on special operation in Ukraine: We are confident that we will win. Putin knows where he is leading the country. Ukrainians are talented, peaceful people, akin to Russia, but they have been “duped” for a very long time – Peskov.

11:00 Territorial defence units are being redeployed to Grabovskoye, Pokrovka, Slavgorod and Popovka settlements bordering Russia in the Sumy Region. Soldiers are setting up fortification bases in close proximity to residential buildings. Ammunition and fuel are being delivered from depots in Mezenivka.

10:11 A rocket attack by the Ukranazis on Lviv hit the railway infrastructure. This is reported by the head of the Lviv city administration Maksym Kozivitsky. There was no information about injuries or fatalities.

09:36 The commander of the troops of the Central Military District, Colonel General Alexander Lapin, presented state awards to servicemen who showed courage and heroism during a special military operation.

“It is a great honour for me to congratulate you today on the high state awards. I wish you all to successfully accomplish all your combat missions. Take care of yourselves and your subordinates. Only forward and only to victory. Thank you, brothers,” said Colonel-General Alexander Lapin addressing the troops.

The decorations presented to the servicemen included the Order for Military Merit, the Medal for Merit to the Fatherland with swords, the Order of Suvorov and the Medal of Zhukov.

08:11 Overnight air-raid alarms were sounded in almost all regions of Ukraine.

08:02 There were air raids in Lviv during the night. The most powerful since the start of the special operation.

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