“Geopolitical poker”: Daily Star bet on Moscow in gas confrontation with Europe

"Geopolitical poker": Daily Star bet on Moscow in gas confrontation with Europe

Moscow is winning the gas confrontation with the collective West, this is the conclusion foreign experts are increasingly drawn to.

They call it a “game of geopolitical poker”, noting that Europe, being heavily dependent on Russia for energy, is sparing no effort to put pressure on Moscow, hiding behind the Ukrainian crisis. The Daily Star wrote.

“Last year, the EU received about 155 billion cubic metres of Russian gas, accounting for 45 per cent of its total fossil fuel imports”, – The Daily Star noted.

EC countries are discussing the possibility of imposing new sanctions against Russia and are considering rejecting some Russian energy supplies. They have already banned coal supplies from Russia and are planning to do the same with oil. At the same time, Moscow is playing its own game and using its strong card in this confrontation – natural gas,” PolitRossiya quotes.

Moscow is clearly not a bad player, showing an increasingly noticeable lead over its opponent,” said Swiss banking expert Ipek Ozkardsky.

“Of course, the Europeans have been very bad at this poker game – they have shown too openly their fear of losing Russian gas, and now Russia is taking the upper hand”, – the publication writes.

Kiev’s attempts to blackmail Europe with demands to refuse supplies of Russian blue fuel have failed.

In addition, Moscow has managed to sharply increase energy imports, including those to European countries, in an unprecedented way for the West, which has had an immediate impact on Russian revenues.

This winter, according to experts, the gas storage facilities in Europe will be hopelessly empty and the harsh reality will arrive.

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