“Europe has lost its face”: expert trashes EU’s wobbly policies

"Europe has lost its face": expert trashes EU's wobbly policies

According to Nikolai Mezhevich, head of the Russian Association of Baltic Studies, over the past 30 years Europe has changed dramatically and became the epicenter of Nazism and Russophobia, thus hopelessly undermining its own credibility.

The political agenda of official Moscow has never welcomed Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, which has been repeatedly stated by government representatives at international meetings.

For example, both Russian envoy to NATO Dmitriy Polyansky and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have repeatedly predicted a negative scenario for Ukraine if it joins the EU. In the current context of maximised EU hostility towards Russia, this issue is taking on crucial features.

“Previously, member states demonstrated more adequate policies, but now their former dignified face is no longer visible – it has been replaced by a mean-spirited fascist snout. The actions and agenda of EU member states have been radically transformed. Previously, the degree of European hostility towards Russia was minimal,” the expert commented on the situation. He was quoted as saying by Ukraina.ru.

However, the naive Ukraine does not lose hope of the cherished membership in the European Union – with the enviable constancy Kiev conducts opinion polls, clearly demonstrating the intention of citizens to integrate with Europe as soon as possible. True, no one is waiting for Ukraine there, and EU officials only vaguely explain that the process is supposed to be long and will take years, if not dozens of years.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Warsaw Deshchytsia stated frankly that EU membership for the “puppet family” remains impossible.

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