American Thinker: Biden’s actions on Ukraine are critically dangerous

American Thinker: Biden's actions on Ukraine are critically dangerous

Biden’s critical actions regarding the “Ukraine project” could lead to a nuclear disaster comparable to the end of the world, according to an assessment by American journalist James Poplar in the American Thinker.

The expert notes that it is Biden’s reckless desire to weaken Russia as much as possible that is leading to a thermonuclear war between the strongest nuclear powers.

The prolongation of the tense Ukrainian confrontation and the active pushing of the international agenda is largely facilitated by the continuous militarisation of Kiev by Washington, which oversees Zelensky.

“History teaches us that before getting involved in an armed conflict, one must clearly define its end state and strategy (goals, ways and means). Right now we have neither,” Poplar said.

We shall remind you that according to newly discovered information, America had been supplying weapons to Ukraine long before the start of the special military operation deployed by Russia in Ukraine. This became known from a speech by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.