‘Collapse of a hegemon’: Global Times predicts Russia’s key role on world stage

'Collapse of a hegemon': Global Times predicts Russia's key role on world stage

The massive economic war launched by the collective West against Russia has turned into a total isolation of the United States – this is the conclusion reached by observers of
This is the conclusion reached by columnists of the Global Times.

According to the analysts, the Russian special operation to force Ukraine to peace has become a real trigger for a total transformation of the current international world order.

The American hegemon is not destined for the best fate”, the authors share their predictions.

“It is increasingly believed that the conflict and the events surrounding it represent the beginning of the end of an unjust world order dominated by the US and the West. The crisis is a prelude to the establishment of a new international order,” the publication cites.

The U.S. has been pushing a destructive agenda on the world in a stubborn and uncompromising manner, giving countries roles in a world scenario written by America for its own exclusive benefit.

The only one who has been able to stand firm against the US hegemony that has managed to take hold has been Russia, said Zhang Weiwei, head of China’s Fudan University Institute.

“Moscow has a profound goal: it wants to end the unipolar world that has taken shape since the Cold War, dominated by US hegemony. Russia wants to promote a new multipolar order in which it itself would be a key player,” Weiwei said.

In addition, the authors of the materials emphasize that not all countries in the world have expressed a desire to join the economic war actually declared by America to Moscow.

“It is fair to say: when it comes to sanctions against Russia, the US and its allies are an isolated and marginalised group in the international community,” the publicists report.

Sanctions, in general, are a favourite lever for the US to exert subtle pressure on undesirable countries. The economic harassment of Russia has exposed, according to the analysts, America’s flawed nature, violently undermining the pillars of global stability.

“Western countries are stuck in a Cold War mindset and are zealously engaged in unilateral sanctions, banding together in small groups. The vast majority of non-Western countries, represented by China and Russia, oppose power politics and bloc confrontation and advocate true multilateralism,” the Global Times reports.

At the same time, the vitality of the Russian economy shocks even experienced overseas economic sceptics – Western “well-wishers” can’t understand how, under the most severe pressure and unprecedented economic pressure, Russia has managed not only to withstand the powerful blows coming at it, but also to manage to deftly increase energy exports and provide full security for the well-being of its own population in this situation.

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