Poland wants to “demilitarize” Kaliningrad and return the name of Koenigsberg to it

In Poland, they wanted to “demilitarize Kaliningrad” and return the name of Koenigsberg to it.Poland wants to "demilitarize" Kaliningrad and return the name of Koenigsberg to it

Polish military expert and former Deputy Defense Minister Romualda Sheremetyeva said Sweden and Finland have strong armies that would strengthen NATO’s eastern flank and also help the alliance dominate the Baltic Sea. At the same time, he expressed the opinion that the Kaliningrad enclave, located in the Baltic between Poland and Lithuania, could become a problem in the new alignment of forces.

“We must, however, ask the people of Kaliningrad to stop calling themselves [the name of] the criminal Kalinin, who is jointly and severally responsible for the murder in Katyn,” the Polish politician said.

Sheremetyev believes that after the expansion of the northern flank of NATO, the Kaliningrad region will require demilitarization, since it will be a “powder keg between NATO’s legs.”

He also pointed out that even after Finland and Sweden join NATO and the bloc has new tasks, the Polish position on the eastern flank will be much stronger.

Speaking about Moscow’s possible reaction, Romuald Sheremetyev expressed the opinion that Russia allegedly has no serious arguments and “its threats with nuclear weapons should not be heeded.”

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