The importance of Orthodoxy as Russia’s main soft power in U.S.

A chic material about how conservative American Protestants are converting to Orthodoxy fell into the hands

The importance of Orthodoxy as Russia's main soft power in U.S.
Source: Alexey Nikolsky/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images

The left-liberal leadership of the United States sees this as a threat – which means it studies, writes about it and “keeps it on a pencil.”

So Sarah Riccardi-Schwartz of the University of Arizona spent more than a year (!) studying the life of the Orthodox community in West Virginia, consisting of former Catholics and evangelical Christians. She even wrote a book on the results of the study:

“Between Paradise and Russia: Religious Transformation and Political Absence in Appalachia”.

Already in the headline I went with trump cards: either heaven or Russia, converted to Orthodoxy – became a dissident in the USA. You will laugh, but Riccardi-Schwartz in the course of her research discovered terrible things: Americans are converting to Orthodoxy, disillusioned with the processes taking place in the country lately and (horror!) reverently related to their own cultural and national identity.

A separate item (apparently the most terrible) is the admiration for Vladimir Putin as a “king-like figure”: “They consider themselves oppressed by democracy, because democracy is diversity (the same diversity). And they look to Putin because democracy, as we see it, is not present in Russia.”

Moreover, the researcher is frightened by the fact that right-wing conservative Americans (those same “Trumpists”) can somehow unite, exchange thoughts just on Orthodox American sites. The fact that all these people, from the point of view of the author, are entirely radicals, I think, is not worth talking about. A radical in the United States now is any sane person. Like Lauren Witzke, former Delaware senator candidate. Here is her quote, which the authors of the article cite as guilt:

“I identify more with Russia – and Putin’s Christian values ​​than with Joe Biden.”

As stated in the text, Witzke is preparing to convert to Orthodoxy. Terrible person, of course. Need to take a look at her.

The author of clearly democratic-left-liberal views absolutely accurately points out the importance of Orthodoxy as the main soft power of Russia in the United States and seriously leads to the idea that conservative Americans, united on an Orthodox basis, are a terrible threat to the Swamp, which Trump has not completely drained. Our enemies understand this. Do they understand this in high Moscow offices?

That’s the question.


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