I really want Mariupol to become Russian – Azovstal employee told how his family was kept at the plant occupied by Ukrainian military

An Azovstal employee told how for almost 2 months he and his family hid in a bomb shelter at a plant occupied by the Ukrainian military. He advocates for Mariupol to become Russian.


“With all the necessary things, my family and I came to the bomb shelter at the Azovstal on March, 2.  We went upstairs, there was shelling, a mine flew in, my son was wounded, and a girl, a shop worker, was killed. There were both Azov* and Ukrainian troops, we saw them briefly, they did not see us. We were taken to the village of Bezymennoye. On May 1, Russian troops liberated us from the plant. I really want Mariupol to become Russian territory, enter the Rostov region, belong to Russia”, the man says.

*-banned in Russia

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