Americans consider the senator’s statement about the refusal to “save Ukraine” to be correct

Breitbart readers supported Senator Paul, who decided to block the project to help Ukraine.

Americans consider the senator's statement about the refusal to "save Ukraine" to be correct

Readers of the American edition of Breitbart reacted positively to the statement of the Republican Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul regarding military assistance to Kyiv.

“How many billions have we already sent and what did Biden spend this money on?” asked John James Furr.

“Rand is one of the few in Congress, along with some New Wave Republicans, who is still uncompromised. Every week we send money taken from nowhere to Ukraine. They are not in NATO, are we supposed to arm or defend every country on Earth that quarreled with a neighbor? The work of the world gendarme leads to our financial exhaustion. If we cannot defend our border, we have nothing to do anywhere else”, says Anti Social.

“They can’t find $25 billion to build a wall along the border, but they want to send another $40 billion to Ukraine. And who do they represent? Anyone but the American taxpayer,” said zr5366.

“It would be great if Biden said this,” conrad lamented.

“I supported Rand’s father Paul Ron in 1988, 2008 and 2012 (in the US presidential elections. – Approx. ed.), And now we have Joe Biden. And now tell me who was wrong. Enjoy high gas prices and inflation. What does it take to wake up the American people? God bless us if we get into another world war,” added Sanfordbill.

“Why are there only individual people who have retained common sense? Shouldn’t we have a majority of sane politicians? We need to stop electing stupid people,” readers summed up.

Earlier, Rand Paul blocked an accelerated vote on the allocation of $40 billion in aid to Kyiv. The politician noted that the United States cannot save Ukraine, while dooming its own economy. According to him, the biggest threat to Washington today is public debt, inflation and the collapse of the dollar.

Many users agreed with the senator’s opinion, emphasizing that the authorities would do well to solve internal problems, and not try to play the role of a world gendarme.

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